abc services

ABC Services Group Inc. is a newly formed company, with Charles “Chuck” Klaus as its President. Chuck has served as a fiduciary in the administration of general assignments for more than 29 years for Credit Management Association (“CMA”). CMA was the longest standing fiduciary for insolvency services for more than 75 years. Unfortunately, they have decided to exit the insolvency services business that we now carry on.

Daphne Masin has worked with Chuck for the last 10 years helping administer cases and preparing much of the financial support used for due-diligence in running an asset marketing and sale process. D. James “Jim” Palmer worked for CMA for more than 10 years in sales and business development. Frank Chavez worked with CMA for more than 25 years as the manager of the auction division. Frank is one of the most experience person in the asset liquidation industry today in determining the right market strategy that will fetch the highest and best price for the client.

Together we have administered more than 200 general assignments and 200 auctions, ranging from mom and pop companies to multimillion dollar entities. Our industry knowledge is un-paralleled due to the vast number of general assignments that we have administered for almost 30 years. Through this process, we have sold more than 200 businesses as going concerns, both private and public, real property, intellectual property, inventory, and all kinds of furniture, fixtures and equipment. We are leaders in bringing innovative, alternative solutions for distressed companies and at the same time maintaining our fiduciary duty to protect the interest of the creditors, officers and shareholders. Let us put our knowledge and expertise to work for you.